About the Author

Robert M. Anderson

Robert M. Anderson has followed the North American sheep hunting scene for almost a half-century. He comments, “Interest in sheep hunting is at an unprecedented high level and, in most ways, the North American sheep hunting picture has never been brighter. Across the board, the quality of rams that are being taken has never been higher. Much of this is due to the proliferation and success of carefully managed transplant and restoration programs continent-wide. Sure, hunt costs are high and drawing odds are long, but the quality of the sheep hunting experience is better than ever before. In addition to ram quality, several other things contribute to this. North American sheep outfitters are, hands down, the best in the world, and today’s sheep hunters are the best-equipped, the best shots, the best climbers, and the toughest in the history of the sport. They react well to adversity and, as Hank Williams, Jr. said, ‘They love a good challenge!’ ”

“Scratch today’s sheep hunter and you’ll see a history of success. Best of all, it’s great to see a new wave of nostalgia returning to the sport. Hunters who tear up when a ram is down and never, ever forget the moment. That’s what it’s all about!”


GREAT RAMS III is coming…. WOW. This is exciting! Each edition contains captivating and never before printed stories and photos. Many of the greatest sheep hunts and hunters are forever memorialized in Bob Anderson’s “Great Rams” books. These hunts are where many sheep hunting dreams and goals begin.

Lupe Gallegos Jr.
Sheep Guide and Owner, Hide N Seek Outfitters